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How to choose a stroller for your baby?


Size is not too small

When parents choose a baby stroller for their baby, the first thing to consider is its size. Before my girlfriend bought a small stroller, seemingly lightweight and convenient, but the baby is developing too fast, the stroller only used for less than two or three months, it is no longer suitable for children to use. So here is a suggestion for moms and dads, to choose a baby stroller, do not buy too small or too big stroller. Too small to use for a long time, and too large and inconvenient to store into the car trunk, will bring unnecessary trouble to travel

Wheels with suspension system

Usually when parents go out to sneak children, the stroller is also an essential tool. Sometimes tired of holding, or the child fell asleep, can be placed in the stroller. If there are potholes on the road, choose a stroller with better shock absorption will not be too bumpy when it comes to potholes, which affects the child's use. Usually more or larger stroller wheels, shock absorption function is better.

Choose the brand stroller 

Although there are more brands of strollers on the market, but here it is recommended that parents buy branded products for their babies. Because the brand stroller is very good in terms of material, design, accessories and comfort. A good stroller can bring more safety to the baby, comfortable to use the effect. Like our Elittle EMU compact lightweight stroller is  a good choice! Parents choose a baby stroller, pay attention to the above 3 purchase method, not only can reduce travel troubles, but also let the child with more comfortable, safe!

Elittle EMU Stroller

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